Surface distribution boards (clasica series)

Distribution boards

  • Material: thermoplastic​
  • From 4 to 38 modules.
  • flush & surface

Surface distribution boards in Solera

Surface distribution boxes are essential components in electrical systems for housing and safeguarding electrical connections and devices securely. These boxes are typically made of thermoplastic, a durable and resilient material capable of withstanding various adverse environmental conditions.

Here is some general information about these boxes:

1. Construction Material: As you mentioned, surface distribution boxes are often constructed from thermoplastic. This material is ideal for such applications because it is resistant to moisture, corrosion, and other adverse environmental factors.
2. Sizes and Dimensions: These boxes are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions to accommodate different needs and applications. They can be compact for residential use or larger and more robust for industrial applications.
3. Design and Configuration: Surface distribution boxes can come in various designs and configurations to accommodate various electrical components, such as switches, outlets, wiring connections, and more. Some have internal compartments for organizing and separating cables neatly.
4. Surface Installation: One of their main advantages is that they are installed on the surface of walls or ceilings, making them easily accessible for installation, maintenance, and repairs without the need to open cavities in structures.
5. Resistance and Protection: These boxes are designed to provide protection against the ingress of dust, water, and other external elements, helping to maintain electrical safety and extend the lifespan of internal components.
6. Common Uses: They are used in a wide range of applications, from residential and commercial installations to industrial environments. They are common in electrical distribution systems, lighting systems, data networks, and telecommunications, among others.
7. Regulations: It's important to ensure that surface distribution boxes comply with local electrical regulations and standards to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

In summary, thermoplastic surface distribution boxes are essential components in electrical systems that offer durability, protection, and accessibility in a variety of applications. They are designed to facilitate the safe installation and maintenance of electrical connections.