Air-conditioning trunking Accessories

Trunking accessories in Solera

At Solera, we offer a wide variety of channels and mini-trays, perfect for equipping electrical installations in different indoor domestic and tertiary environments. Our models of slotted channels and mini-trays come in various sizes: 40x25mm, 40x40mm, and 60x40mm, with a length of 2 meters. They come with built-in screw fixations for installation on surfaces like walls. The slotted channels stand out for their robustness and solidity, capable of being suspended between rails and requiring only a few fixations for support. Moreover, they are manufactured with insulating PVC (M1), feature an IP40 protection rating, and can withstand a working temperature corresponding to code 321. This provides resistance against medium to strong impact shocks in various installations. Visit our website now and explore the full range of products we have available for individuals or electrical specialists.