Thermoplastic cabinets

  • Material: thermoplastic
  • Up to 600x800x260
  • IP65, IK10

Multibox Thermoplastic Electrical Cabinets

At Solera, as specialists in the manufacturing and distribution of electrical materials, we offer a wide range of watertight thermoplastic cabinets designed for industrial applications. The Multibox series boasts a design that can withstand demanding external conditions, including chemical agents, atmospheric factors, and UV protection. Our watertight thermoplastic cabinets feature a high IK10 impact resistance level and strong protection against external elements such as dust and water, thanks to their IP65 rating. Additionally, they are finished with materials resistant to ultraviolet rays and are halogen-free. The Multibox cabinets incorporate a metal plate and a triangular lock, with a 180-degree door opening feature that facilitates easy handling. They also include a plastic support for easy wall mounting. The Multibox series offers various options of watertight electrical cabinets with dimensions up to 600x800x260mm, along with modules ranging from 16 to 60, allowing for customization to fit the requirements of each installation. With a clean and functional design, these cabinets are made from materials capable of withstanding highly demanding external conditions. Their high resistance to chemical agents and atmospheric conditions makes them perfect for use in industrial environments. Additionally, they feature Class II insulation and can withstand temperatures of up to 650ºC in case of fire. Visit our website now to explore the full range of products available for individuals or electrical specialists. We offer the best prices paired with the highest product quality.