IP68 flush connectors

IP68 flush connectors in Solera

Our IP68 flush connectors provide superior waterproofing and durability, ensuring reliable connections in even the harshest environments. Explore our top-rated products designed to meet your outdoor and industrial needs:

Ref. CE-3PV

  • Description: Connector for 3P luminaires.
  • Protection Rating: IP68
  • Details: This flush connector is specifically designed for 3P luminaires, offering a watertight seal that guarantees optimal performance in wet or submerged conditions. Ideal for outdoor lighting installations where robust protection is paramount.

Ref. CE-3P4T

  • Description: Derivation T connector watertight 3P.
  • Protection Rating: IP68
  • Details: This T-shaped derivation connector is perfect for creating secure, watertight connections for 3P systems. Its IP68 rating ensures that it remains impermeable to water and dust, making it suitable for use in demanding environments, such as industrial and outdoor applications.

Our IP68 flush connectors are engineered to provide reliable, long-lasting connections, even in the most challenging conditions. With their high level of protection, you can trust these connectors to maintain the integrity of your electrical systems, ensuring safety and performance in all situations.