Polyester cabinets

  • With fiberglass
  • Up to 600x800x300
  • Surface
  • IP66, IK10

Polyester Cabinets Polibox

Our enclosures catalog features a wide variety of cabinets finished in different materials such as polyester, an excellent insulator. With this material, we develop our Polibox cabinets, which boast high UV resistance and a remarkable capacity for heat insulation, making them an ideal solution for industrial environments like factories, warehouses, and more. At Solera, we offer various models of sealed Polibox cabinets, featuring transparent or smooth doors, manufactured using polyester reinforced with hot-pressed fiberglass. Our sealed polyester enclosure cabinets come with an external fastening system with support, a horizontally opening door, and a triangle locking mechanism. Moreover, they provide an IP66 protection rating against external agents like water and dust, along with a high IK10 impact resistance rating.