Metalbox: Flush distribution boards

Flush distribution boards with metallic door

  • From 4 to 56 modules
  • IP40, IK07.
  • Removable chassis
  • Sealable

Flush distribution boards in Solera

Metalbox flush-mounted distribution boxes are components used in electrical and telecommunications installations to securely mount and protect electrical devices, equipment, and connections in a tidy and organized manner. These boxes are characterized by their robust design and the ability to discreetly integrate them into surfaces, making them ideal for installations that need to be flush-mounted on walls and ceilings. Here is relevant information about Metalbox flush-mounted distribution boxes: Construction Materials: Metalbox flush-mounted distribution boxes are typically made from high-quality metal, such as galvanized steel or stainless steel. These materials provide strength and durability, which are essential for effectively safeguarding electrical and electronic components. Compact and Functional Design: These boxes are designed to be compact and functional. Their design allows for flush-mounted installation, meaning they fit snugly within the wall or ceiling, providing a clean and organized appearance on the surface. Variety of Sizes: Metalbox offers a variety of sizes and configurations for its flush-mounted distribution boxes. This allows for customization to accommodate the type and quantity of equipment or devices that need to be housed in the electrical or telecommunications installation. Complementary Accessories: In addition to the distribution boxes themselves, Metalbox typically offers a range of accessories that complement their products. These may include mounting trays, mounting guides, mounting plates, cable clamps, and other elements that help organize and secure components within the box. Safety and Protection: Metalbox boxes are designed to provide a high level of safety and protection. Many of them feature metal doors and locking systems that prevent unauthorized access and protect equipment and connections from damage. Compliance with Regulations: It is important to ensure that Metalbox flush-mounted distribution boxes comply with applicable electrical and construction standards and regulations in your area or country. Applications: These boxes are versatile and used in a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial and industrial installations. They are used to house switches, outlets, communication devices, control components, and other electrical equipment. Professional Installation: It is recommended that these boxes be installed by professional electricians or trained technicians to ensure safe installation and compliance with local regulations. If you are considering using Metalbox flush-mounted distribution boxes in your project, I advise consulting with an electrical expert or an authorized Metalbox distributor to obtain specific information about the available products and their most up-to-date features.