Plugs & sockets

Plugs&Sockets in Solera

Discover a world of connectivity with our Plugs & Sockets range, where innovation meets reliability to provide seamless power solutions for your diverse needs.

From standard plugs to versatile mobile sockets, our products are designed to keep you connected at home, in the office, and on the go. Explore the features and benefits of our carefully crafted plug and socket solutions.

Our Plugs & Sockets collection includes a variety of products, with a focus on plugs and mobile sockets. Here are some featured product highlights:

Standard Plugs:

Explore our range of standard plugs designed for everyday use. These plugs offer a reliable and secure connection for a wide array of devices, from household appliances to electronic gadgets.

Mobile Sockets:

Stay powered up wherever life takes you with our mobile socket solutions. Featuring multiple outlets and compatibility with various charging cables, our mobile sockets are perfect for travelers, remote workers, and those who need on-the-go charging convenience.