Sealed Boxes Accessories

Sealed boxes.

  • Material: thermoplastic​.
  • surface​.
  • With/ without cones​.
  • IP55/65/68, IK07/08/09.

Accessories for Sealed Boxes

Welcome to our Accessories page, where functionality meets innovation to enhance your spaces. At Solera, we offer a diverse range of accessories designed to complement and elevate your setup. Explore our collection, including Sealed Boxes, expertly crafted from top-notch thermoplastic material, ensuring durability and reliability. Sealed Boxes - Keeping it Secure: Our Sealed Boxes are crafted with precision and constructed from high-quality thermoplastic material. These boxes offer a secure and protective enclosure for your valuable equipment. Whether you need to safeguard electrical components, sensitive instruments, or other essential items, our Sealed Boxes provide a robust solution. Material Excellence - Thermoplastic: Experience the resilience and versatility of our accessories, with the primary material being thermoplastic. Known for its durability and adaptability, thermoplastic ensures that our accessories are not only sturdy but also capable of seamlessly blending into various environments. The surface finish adds a modern touch, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your setup. Tailored Features for Your Needs: Our Accessories collection includes Sealed Boxes with and without cones, providing you with options to suit specific requirements. Whether you prefer a sleek design without cones or need the added functionality of cones for enhanced stability, our range caters to your preferences. Robust Protection with IP55/65/68, IK07/08/09 Ratings: Rest easy knowing that our Sealed Boxes are designed with robust protection features. With IP55/65/68 ratings, these boxes offer resistance against dust and water, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging environments. Additionally, the IK07/08/09 ratings indicate the level of impact protection, guaranteeing durability against external forces.