Domestic Material

Domestic Materials

At Solera, as specialists in manufacturing and distributing electrical materials, we offer a wide variety of small materials, including sockets and plugs, adapters, extension cords, and various accessories for electrical installations in residential, industrial, and tertiary environments. Sockets and Plugs In Solera's electrical materials catalog, you will find different models of sockets and plugs for various electrical connections. Differentiating between mobile and fixed sockets, round or square, made from materials like black rubber or white PVC, each of the socket models is 2P+T, 16A 250V~. Additionally, we also offer 2P+T, 16A, 250V~ DIN rail sockets in white and red, as well as mobile Shuko sockets. As experts in this type of electrical material, Solera also provides various designs and models of flat plugs in different colors and shapes, as well as transmuted 2P+T, 16A 250V~ plugs and Shuko plugs. Adapters To simplify installations and electrical connections, Solera offers a wide variety of adapters to accommodate different power inputs. Differentiating between double, triple, power strips, or travel adapters, each of our designs and models in black or white are 2P or 2P+T, 10A, 250V~. Additionally, some of our designs also feature an incorporated lighted switch. Extension Cords With lengths of up to 25 meters, Solera provides different models and types of electrical extension cords in white or orange, with 2P+T, 16A, 250V~ and 2P, 10A, 250V~ connections.