Special custom assemblies

The solutions we offer include:

Cuadros provisionales de obra Temporary work panels
Industrial panels
String control panels for photovoltaic installations
fgh Electric vehicle protection panels
Pool protection and management panels
Cuadros para vivienda de electrificación básica o elevadadfg Panels for basic or complex electrical housing

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Technical information

Directives 2014/35/EU (DBT), 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
Regulations Enclosures UNE-EN 62208, UNE-EN 61439-1, 2 and 4
Regulations Industrial plugs and sockets UNE-EN 60309-1 and 2
Regulations Circuit-breakers UNE-EN 60898-1 and UNE-EN 60947-2
Regulations Residual current breakers UNE-EN 61008-1
Complies with Spain’s Low Voltage Electrical Regulations Yes
  • Up to IP65, IK08.
  • Thermoplaastic material.
  • Halogen Free.
  • UV protection.
  • Different types of closure.
  • Linkable.
  • Large space for connection.
  • Possibility of incorporating emergency button.
  • Optional metal support.

Custom solutions for temporary work panels.

Designed for use in adverse environmental conditions, such as worksites, repairs and refurbishments.

Assemblies come fully assembled and wired with their corresponding certificate of conformity under the guidelines of the low voltage regulations REBT, its guide ICT-BT-33 and the standard UNE-EN 61439-4. Adapted to the specific needs of each customer and their budget, with no minimum amounts.

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Some examples of work pictures:

Industrial panels, with or without circuit-breakers

Custom-designed and assembled panels, with or without circuit-breakers. Thanks to their technical characteristics, they are ready for use in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, agriculture, events, and more.   


Some examples of industrial tables:

Cuadro de obra

String control panels for photovoltaic installations

Junction and protection panels for DC-INV and DC-INV-AC, ready for outdoor installations.

Protection panels for electric vehicle charging stations

Single-phase and three-phase panels, designed under the technical application guide ICT-BT-52 for protecting electric vehicle charging stations.

Cuadros de protección para puestos de carga de vehículo eléctrico
Cuadros modulares de protección de piscinas

Modular swimming pool protection panels

Electrical control and protection panels for pumps and lighting. Ready for installation in outdoor weather and humidity, with optional Bluetooth control.

Basic or high level electrical panels for residential and non-residential market

Electrical panels equipped with AENOR-certified circuit-breakers. Custom designed to suit customer needs.     

Other assemblies

Assemblies in watertight boxes, cable reels and extensions. Request a no-obligation quote.