Special assemblies

Reel extension

  • From 5m to 50m.
  • Automatic and manual.

Cable reels for domestic and tertiary use in Solera

Welcome to our dedicated page for In Cord Switches, where functionality meets convenience. Our collection of in cord switches is designed to provide seamless control for a variety of applications.

Explore the features and specifications of our exemplary products in this category, offering reliable solutions for diverse electrical needs.

Example Products in the Category:

One Pole Switch - 6A 250V~:
Our one pole switch is a versatile solution for basic control applications. With a rating of 6A at 250V~, this switch ensures reliable performance and easy operation. Whether used in lighting fixtures or small appliances, the one pole switch provides a simple yet effective means of control.

2-Way Switch - 6A 250V~:
For scenarios requiring more advanced control options, our 2-way switch is an excellent choice. With a 6A 250V~ rating, this switch allows for control from two different locations. Ideal for rooms with multiple entry points or areas where flexibility in lighting or device control is essential.

One Pole Push Switch - 6A 250V~:
Experience the convenience of a push switch with our one pole push switch. Operating at 6A and 250V~, this switch combines the ease of a push button with the reliability of a one pole configuration. Perfect for applications where a simple push operation is preferred, such as desk lamps or small appliances.