Lighting Material

Material for Lighting in Solera

At Solera, as specialists in manufacturing and distributing electrical materials, we offer a wide variety of lighting materials to equip electrical installations in residential, industrial, and tertiary environments. We have different types of lamp holders, available in both porcelain and thermoplastic finishes for halogens/LEDs and fluorescents. With threaded or smooth bodies, and of type E-14, E-27, and E-40, Solera's lamp holders are available in various materials and colors, featuring screws and a current rating of 16A or 2A at 250V. Additionally, we provide different lamp holder adapters, from E40 to E27, from E27 to E14, from E14 to GU10/GZ10, and from E27 to GU10/GZ10, with a current rating of 2A and 4A at 250V. Solera also offers various types of switches, including toggle switches, push-buttons, and single-pole switches, with a current rating of 6A and 4A at 250V, suitable for use in domestic and indoor tertiary environments. In our lighting materials, you will also find signaling equipment like our guide light with 250V 50Hz LED light of 1.5W and an on/off switch in white color. To meet all your lighting material needs, Solera provides empty connection boxes for IP20 luminaires, 16A 450V, and connection boxes for luminaires with 3P 16A terminals, 450V suitable for cables with a section of 0.5-2.5mm2.