Secondary register

The IT series consists of a wide range of models:

  • IT box
  • Secondary junction box

Secondary register in Solera

Step into the realm of advanced networking solutions with our Secondary Register, a dedicated platform that complements the IT Series. Explore the diversity of models within our IT Series, featuring the IT Box and the Secondary Junction Box, each designed to enhance and optimize your networking infrastructure.

IT Box: Versatility at Its Core:
At the heart of the IT Series lies the IT Box, a versatile networking solution designed to accommodate a wide array of components. This integral model within our Secondary Register ensures centralized and secure housing for networking essentials, making it an ideal choice for data centers, industrial environments, and beyond.

Secondary Junction Box: Elevating Connectivity:
Experience seamless networking connections with our Secondary Junction Box, a pivotal model in the IT Series. Serving as a key juncture for network connections, this box enhances cable management and ensures secure terminations. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset in various networking scenarios.