Terminals: Versatile Solutions for Your Electrical Connections

Discover the wide range of terminals offered by Fix System, designed to meet all your electrical connection needs with reliability and precision. Our comprehensive selection includes pin terminals, pin double terminals, female terminals, fork terminals, and male terminals, ensuring that you have the perfect solution for every application.

Our Range of Terminals

  1. Pin Terminals: Pin terminals are ideal for making secure and efficient connections in confined spaces. They are easy to install and provide a reliable contact point for various electrical components.
  2. Pin Double Terminals: Designed for applications requiring multiple connections, pin double terminals offer the convenience of connecting two wires simultaneously. This type of terminal ensures a stable and robust connection, making it perfect for complex wiring systems.
  3. Female Terminals: Female terminals are essential for creating strong and secure connections in electrical systems. Their design allows for easy attachment to male terminals, providing a safe and reliable contact point that ensures consistent electrical flow.
  4. Fork Terminals: Fork terminals, also known as spade terminals, are ideal for applications requiring quick and easy connections. Their forked design allows for easy installation and removal, making them a versatile choice for various electrical projects.
  5. Male Terminals: Male terminals are designed to connect with female terminals, ensuring a tight and reliable connection. They are widely used in a variety of electrical applications, providing a stable and efficient contact point.