Pushbuttons and Switches


Pushbuttons and switches are essential electrical mechanisms used to divert or interrupt the flow of electrical current. At Solera, as manufacturers and distributors of electrical materials, we offer a wide variety of pushbuttons and switches.


In our catalog, you will find different models of emergency pushbuttons with open and closed contacts, as well as momentary pushbuttons with NC (Normally Closed) and NO (Normally Open) contacts. We also provide flush buttons with a 22mm mounting diameter.


Solera also offers a wide variety of rotary switches (0-1) with black and red handles, available in different numbers of poles, nominal current, and voltage. Additionally, we provide various models of rotary switches (1-0-2) with black handles, ranging from 2 to 4 poles, and with different nominal current and voltage ratings.


Each of our switches and pushbuttons at Solera is designed for common applications in industrial environments, whether in factories or warehouses, and they have a Glow Wire Test (GWT) resistance of 850ºC and an operating ambient temperature ranging from -5ºC to +40ºC.

With the available RCDs at Solera, you can select the appropriate current for your installation, thus ensuring the safety of individuals who may have accidental, direct, or indirect contact with live elements. You will find electrical protections that best suit your needs.