Management systems


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)was consolidated in Solera in 2017, after audits and certifications by TUV Reiland and ICS.

Responsibility, diversity, honesty, and transparency are the company pillars that apply to all employees and to our relationships with customers and suppliers.


For Solera, the benefits of applying CSR are evident:

  • People feel more comfortable in the organization and feel more valued, which results in improved productivity.
  • It gives customers peace of mind and the assurance that you are working with companies that meet safety standards and strive to guarantee service.
  • Establishes a selection of suppliers that guarantee continuity.

What are the company’s internal initiatives?

  • Surveys conducted among employees to hear their concerns regarding CSR.
  • Implementation of Lean Manufacturing. A management system based on people as a fundamental competitive differentiator.
  • Training of middle managers in situational leadership to motivate and improve communication with operators.
  • Employee break areas with newspapers, magazines, films, books and internet access.
  • Initiatives to reduce stress and achieve maximum potential from workers:
    • Consortia in various disciplines.
    • Workshops, lectures and masterclasses.
    • Maintenance of the work environment
    • etc. …

We know that CSR benefits general society and our employees, but we’re also convinced that it helps us to be more competitive.


As a company, Solera has implemented a quality system based on the UNE EN ISO 9001 standard, certified by AENOR since 1997.

Solera's main objective is customer satisfaction, offering an optimal relationship between quality, price and service. All of this by involving its employees and striving to provide the best possible work environment.


Solera's quality policy is reflected in all the company's processes. Thanks to this commitment to quality, we have obtained recognized international certifications such as AENOR, APPLUS, INTERTEK GS, IQNET and UL, guaranteeing our customers the reliability of our products.

The results of the annual follow-up audits of our quality system corroborate our strength and the company's commitment to continuous improvement, research and responsibility to the most innovative technologies

To achieve this, we rely on:

  • Analysis and understanding of internal and external issues necessary for the purpose and business strategy of Solera.
  • Measures aimed at the selection of suppliers, monitoring and measurement of their production capacity.
  • Measures aimed at the correction and continuous improvement of the processes and the quality and safety of the products.
  • Measures aimed at correction and the company's commitment to continuous improvement and the involvement of its workers.
  • Satisfy our customers' expectations with our products, committing Solera's management to make all the company's personnel participate in these expectations.

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, customer requirements, and the legal and regulatory requirements of the product.


At Solera, we are well aware of the importance of protecting the environment in everything we do.

The company operates under the commitment to protect the environment and follow European and national standards for reducing our environmental impact, both in our processes and our products. These standards include RoHS, WEEE II and Ecoembes.


Digitising our production processes, like the new MES system, is one of the new initiatives that the company is undergoing to replace the use of paper with screens.

In our logistics centre, we are reusing packaging for internal use and purchasing new packaging that uses 80% recycled cardboard.

Health and Safety

Solera is committed to its employees. 

The company monitors worker health on a regular basis and has trained staff members to implement the components of its emergency plan.


We strictly comply with Spain’s Occupational Health and Safety Act 31/1995, as well as other applicable regulations. That’s why we have an occupational risk prevention plan and a risk assessment plan for each workstation, along with relevant preventive planning.

Our priority is worker health

Cybersecurity and continuity

Guaranteeing the trust of our customers and suppliers means guaranteeing data security and the continuity of our internal processes.

At Solera, we’re ready to face any cybersecurity risk scenario and guarantee normal business activity, especially with regard to the service we provide to our customers.


By applying measures and best practices from cybersecurity and business continuity standards, such as UNE-EN ISO/IEC 27001, UNE-EN ISO/IEC 27002 and UNE-EN ISO 22301, we identify and eliminate gaps in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information related to Solera’s relationships with customers, suppliers and other organisations.