Domestic / Tertiary

We aim to offer a global solution for distributors and installers

Solera offers one of the market’s most comprehensive catalogues for the residential and non-residential sectors. Enclosures and breakers, trunking, small equipment, devices, and more. Attractive, high quality materials.

Distribution and telecommunications boards

More than 100 different models, adaptable to all environments and able to be combined with their network connection boxes, offering a sleek, yet functional look.  

We also offer the option of designing and assembling distribution panel with their AENOR-certified circuit-breakers.

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Solutions for installing in hollow partition walls

One of the market’s most extensive catalogues. Products focused on improving the installer’s experience and saving time. Device boxes, junction boxes, distribution and telecommunications boards.

Recessed and surface-mounted junction boxes:

Solutions for all types of installation: flush-mounted for electrical connection, telecommunications, pre-installation of air conditioning and outdoor installation.

Junction and watertight boxes with sizes up to 300x500. 

Sockets, switches, boxes and bases

A wide range of high-quality materials and sleek, timeless designs for all environments and solutions.


Strong, self-extinguishing materials and a wide variety that includes trunking, mini-trunking, air-conditioning and floor trunking.


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