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  • Material: thermoplastic.
  • Wide range.

Deribox Junction and Connection Boxes

At Solera, as specialists in the manufacturing and distribution of electrical materials, we offer an extensive range of junction and connection boxes for electrical installations in residential, industrial, and commercial environments. Crafted from high-quality thermoplastic materials and engineered with impeccable technical specifications, our boxes ensure exceptional durability, providing a robust safeguard for cable assemblies that power various lighting points and electrical devices within diverse installations. Our Deribox junction and connection boxes stand as integral components of any electrical setup. Boasting an array of models and sizes, these recessed connection boxes feature a detachable lid designed for effortless access, facilitating seamless work during both installation and future maintenance procedures. Furthermore, each connection box is equipped with different types of closures: screw-based, metal claw, and plastic claw closures. These boxes are available in various dimensions, enabling you to select the perfect enclosure model for your specific installation needs.