The IT series consists of a wide range of models:

  • IT box
  • Secondary junction box

IT Accessories in Solera

Welcome to our Accessories page, where innovation meets functionality. Explore a diverse range of accessories curated to enhance various spaces. Complementing these offerings is the IT Series, featuring essential models like the IT box and Secondary Junction Box.

Discover how our accessory collection seamlessly integrates with these advanced solutions to elevate the efficiency and aesthetics of your surroundings.
IT Box: Centralized Connectivity Hub:
At the heart of the IT Series is the versatile IT box, serving as a central hub for networking essentials. Discover how this component seamlessly integrates with our Accessories collection, providing not only a functional but also an organized and sophisticated solution for your connectivity needs.

Secondary Junction Box: Enhancing Connectivity:
The Secondary Junction Box, a crucial model in the IT Series, enhances connectivity by efficiently linking spaces. Explore how it complements our Accessories collection, contributing to an organized and seamless integration of accessories in various environments.