Steel distribution boards

  • Material: stainless steel ​
  • From 72 to 198 modules.
  • Flush & surface

Steelbox Electrical Distribution Cabinets

Distribution cabinets are among the most crucial components of an electrical installation. Within their structure, the configuration and protection of each of the distinct circuits that make up an electrical system are accommodated. At Solera, as experts in electrical materials, we offer various models of distribution cabinets, both recessed and surface-mounted, manufactured in stainless steel to ensure optimal maintenance and insulation from the external environment. Furthermore, they feature an IP30 protection rating against external agents like dust and water, as well as an impact protection rating of IK09. Each of our electrical distribution cabinets boasts a 35mm DIN rail and reversible doors. Moreover, we have different models ranging from 72 to 198 units. Whether for domestic or tertiary use, our Steelbox distribution cabinets include ground and neutral terminals, an easy-opening locking system, and removable racks.