Europa range

Wiring devices: Flush

  • Polycarbonate
  • Conductive materials made by CuSn94
  • With or without frame.
  • Horizontal and vertical frames

Switches & Sockets Serie Europa

At Solera, we offer a wide range of mechanisms that adapt to the customer's needs and spaces, providing solutions to the new demands and market trends, without compromising on the quality and safety required in every electrical installation. The Europa range refers to a set of recessed electrical mechanisms made of polycarbonate material, with CuSn94 conductors, which contain 94% copper. With different styles and models, the Europa range includes switching mechanisms and switches with and without frames, available in both horizontal and vertical formats, with 10AX 250V connections. The Europa range is available in white, silver, and graphite colors. Additionally, we also provide signal outlets for TV and radio, double USB chargers, and double phone and data outlets.