Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks: Reliable Solutions for Secure Electrical Connections

At Fix System, we offer a diverse range of high-quality terminal blocks designed to ensure safe and efficient electrical connections. Our products include isolated connection blocks and terminal bars, tailored to meet various wiring needs with precision and reliability.

Our Range of Terminal Blocks

1. Isolated Connection Block PE 28:

The PE 28 isolated connection block is designed to provide a secure and stable connection for your electrical systems. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for both residential and industrial applications.

2. Isolated Connection Block N18:

The N18 isolated connection block offers excellent performance for various electrical connections. Its isolated design prevents accidental contact, enhancing safety and ensuring consistent performance in demanding environments.

3. Isolated Connection Block PE 18:

Similar to the PE 28, the PE 18 isolated connection block is engineered for secure electrical connections. Its compact size and high-quality materials make it suitable for a wide range of applications, providing reliable and safe connections.

4. Terminal Bar - 12 Terminals 12x6 mm² and 2x16 mm², Blue:

This terminal bar features 12 terminals with a 12x6 mm² capacity and 2 terminals with a 16 mm² capacity, all in a blue color for easy identification. It is designed for efficient and organized wiring, ensuring clear and reliable connections.

5. Terminal Bar - 12 Terminals 12x6 mm² and 2x16 mm², Green:

Similar to the blue terminal bar, this green terminal bar offers the same configuration with 12 terminals of 12x6 mm² and 2 terminals of 16 mm². The green color provides an additional option for color-coded wiring, enhancing organization and safety.