Dry wall boxes: Blue range

  • Materials more flexible and resistant, halogen-free and 850ºGWT.
  • Save up to 40% of installation time
  • Convenient design with multiple knockouts and easy-break windows.
  • Wide range

Hollow Wall Boxes: Blue Series

Under the Blue series, we introduce boxes for mechanisms, connections, distribution, and telecommunications, where we utilize new halogen-free materials that offer increased flexibility and durability. This results in one of the most comprehensive catalogs of hollow wall boxes in the market. Our Blue Series stands out not only for its distinctive blue color but also for being crafted from the most flexible and resilient materials, free from halogens and possessing an 850°C GW rating. At Solera, as experts in the manufacturing and distribution of electrical materials, we have incorporated a range of technical advantages into the Blue Series to enable quick and simple installations, saving installers up to 40% of their time, thanks to nylon ties. Furthermore, the Blue Series hollow wall boxes feature a practical design, meticulously tailored to maximize the installer's efficiency: eyelets for securing pipes to the boxes, multiple pre-cut openings for easy installation, breakable windows, flush-fitting covers, and a marking system for wall hole placement. Offering various sizes, closure types, and surface or recessed models, the enveloping boxes within the Blue Series provide a comprehensive array of solutions that embody continuous improvement and address the needs of professional installers.