Polibox Accessories

Polyester cabinets

  • With fiberglass
  • Up to 600x800x300
  • Surface
  • IP66, IK10

Polibox Accessories in Solera

Welcome to our Accessories section, where functionality meets cutting-edge design!

Uncover innovation in every detail with our Poliboxes crafted from the robust thermoplastic material, designed to offer outstanding solutions for your home or office.
Top-Quality Thermoplastic Material:
Our Poliboxes are crafted from high-quality thermoplastic, a material renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance. This ensures that our products are not only sturdy but also wear-resistant, providing a long-lasting solution.

Versatile Mounting Options:
Adaptability is key. We provide versatile mounting options for both flush and surface installations. Whether you prefer a discreet and elegant setup or a more prominent appearance, our Poliboxes cater to all your needs.

Modern and Ergonomic Design:
We take pride in presenting a design that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. The ergonomic shapes of our boxes not only facilitate easy installation but also add a contemporary touch to any environment.

Versatility for Every Space:
Whether for domestic use, commercial spaces, or offices, our thermoplastic Poliboxes adapt to various applications. Trust the versatility of our products to meet your specific needs.