Surface mechanism

  • Material: Polycarbonat.
  • Conductive material CuSn94.
  • Input trunking: vertical and horizontal.

Wall-mounted Series Mechanisms: Monobloc

The monobloc mechanisms from the Europa series offer various models and designs of surface-mounted mechanisms, finished in polycarbonate and made with CuSn94 conductive material (94% copper). The models of switches and monobloc switches come with entries for vertical and horizontal conduits, with a current of 10AX 250V, distinguishing different models such as bipolar switch, bell push button, double switch, crossover switch, narrow light push button, etc. Furthermore, we also provide signal outlets for TV and radio, dual USB charger, dual phone and data socket, as well as single and double junction and branching boxes. Visit our website now to explore the full range of products available for individuals or electrical specialists. We offer the best prices paired with the highest product quality.