Industrial sockets

Industrial plugs & sockets

  • From 16A to 125A
  • IP44-54-67
  • IK09

Industrial Outlets: Sockets, Plugs, and Industrial Adapters

For a secure electrical installation in industrial environments, Solera offers various industrial socket references, industrial plugs, and adapters suitable for installations in factories, warehouses, and more.

Designed with an ergonomic design to ensure easy and comfortable handling, our industrial power outlets range from 16A to 125A, providing an IP44-54-64 protection rating against external elements such as water and dust, and impact resistance of IK09.

At Solera, we provide different models of inverted and mobile sockets and plugs, straight or angled through-hole bases and plugs, interlocking through-hole bases, wall-mounted industrial power outlets for surface mounting, and various unique industrial adapters, both single, double, and triple with or without extension cords.

Automatic and Manual Cable Reels

Whether for domestic or tertiary use, Solera, as specialists in manufacturing and distributing electrical materials, offers different types of cable reels, both automatic and manual. Our manual cable reels are available with cable lengths ranging from 5 to 50 meters of H05VV-F 3G1.5mm2 or H07RN-F with varying thickness.

Our cable reel catalog features different numbers of 2P+T, 16A, 250V sockets, including some with USB outlets. Additionally, each of our models comes with a protective cover and an IP44 resistance rating, ensuring complete safety against external elements such as water and dust.