Terminals (dominoes)

Terminales type dominoes in Solera

Our range of terminal busbars offers reliable and efficient connectivity for a variety of electrical applications. Designed with high-quality materials, these products ensure safety and durability. Explore our selection below:

12-Terminal Busbar for 2.5 mm²

  • Current Rating: 18A
  • Voltage Rating: 450V
  • Description: This 12-terminal busbar is perfect for light to medium electrical applications, providing secure connections for cables up to 2.5 mm². Ideal for residential and commercial use where reliable performance is essential.

12-Terminal Busbar for 4 mm²

  • Current Rating: 24A
  • Voltage Rating: 450V
  • Description: Suitable for medium-duty electrical systems, this 12-terminal busbar supports cables up to 4 mm². It ensures consistent power distribution and is an excellent choice for more demanding electrical setups.

12-Terminal Busbar for 6 mm²

  • Current Rating: 41A
  • Voltage Rating: 450V
  • Description: Engineered for high-power applications, this busbar accommodates cables up to 6 mm². With a robust current rating of 41A, it’s perfect for industrial environments where dependable and efficient power connections are critical.

Our terminal busbars are designed to meet the highest standards, offering flexibility and reliability for various electrical installations. Whether you are managing a small residential project or a large industrial system, our products deliver exceptional performance and safety.