Modular surge protectors

Modular Surge Protectors

In our catalog of surge protectors, you will find different models and types of overvoltage limiters - Surge voltage switch: from 1 to 3 modules of 18mm. Solera's permanent and transient overvoltage protectors offer a rated alternating current voltage from 230 to 400V (50 - 60Hz), perfect for common indoor applications in residential and tertiary environments such as homes, offices, shops, etc. Additionally, at Solera, we also provide combined permanent and transient overvoltage protectors with a circuit breaker featuring a C-trip curve, a short-circuit capacity of 10kA, and a rated current of 25A with a connection capacity of up to 25mm². Each of our overvoltage limiter models comes with an IP20 protection rating, a fire resistance of 960ºC, and an operating ambient temperature ranging from -5ºC to -40ºC and +40ºC to +85ºC. In this section, you can find all the electrical products you need for any setting in your home or business. Solera is an electrical products manufacturing company with a strong presence in Spain, and we also aim to establish a strong presence in other European countries.