Flush distribution boards with metallic door

  • From 4 to 56 modules
  • IP40, IK07.
  • Removable chassis
  • Sealable

Accessories Metalbox in Solera

Built-in metal distribution boxes with frame and door, along with Metalbox accessories, are common components used in electrical and telecommunications installations to mount and protect equipment, devices, and electrical connections. Here, I provide you with general information about these elements: 1. Built-in Metal Distribution Boxes with Frame and Door: - Material: These boxes are typically made of metal, such as galvanized steel or stainless steel, making them sturdy and durable. - Installation: They are installed flush into the wall or surface in surface mount applications. The choice between flush or surface installation depends on the specific installation requirements. - Size: They come in various sizes to accommodate different types of electrical and electronic components. Sizes range from small junction boxes to larger cabinets for housing electrical panels. - Door and Frame: The metal door and frame provide additional protection and security for the equipment and cables inside. The door is usually equipped with a lock or locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access. 2. Metalbox Accessories: Metalbox accessories are designed to complement and customize the distribution box. Some examples of common accessories include: - Mounting trays: These trays are used to secure and organize devices and components inside the box. - Mounting rails and guides: These elements provide additional mounting points and allow for more efficient organization inside the box. - Mounting plates: Used to mount switches, outlets, or other devices in the distribution box. - Cable clamps: Help secure cables and keep them organized inside the box. - Divider plates: Used to separate areas within the box and keep components separated and organized. - Ventilation and cooling: In some applications, ventilation and cooling accessories can be added to prevent overheating of internal devices. These components are essential in electrical and telecommunications applications to ensure safety, organization, and protection of equipment and electrical connections. The choice of suitable Metalbox distribution boxes and accessories will depend on the specific installation requirements, such as box size, the number of devices and components to house, and the installation location. Additionally, it's important to ensure that the products used comply with applicable standards and regulations in your area.