Insulated pin busbar

Insulated pin busbar in Solera

At Solera, we offer an extensive range of connection bars, single-pole, double-pole, triple-pole, and four-pole connectors, available in various millimeter sections, lengths, current, and nominal voltage. Each of our connection bars is halogen-free and provides a Glow Wire Test (GWT) resistance of 960ºC, with an operating ambient temperature ranging from -5ºC to +40ºC. In addition to our electrical material catalog, you will also find a wide variety of end covers for the connectors, suitable for common applications in residential and tertiary indoor environments. These end covers offer a fire resistance of 650ºC and a heat resistance of 70ºC. Solera stands out as one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of all types of electrical materials for professionals and businesses. You can access detailed information about each of our products on their individual datasheets, along with downloadable documentation for each product.