Fitted interlocked socket-outlet

Industrial plugs & sockets

  • From 16A to 125A
  • IP44-54-67
  • IK09

Reliable and Secure Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Our fitted interlocked socket-outlets are designed to provide the utmost reliability and security for industrial applications. These robust sockets are engineered to handle high current loads, offering a range from 16A to 125A to accommodate various electrical needs.

Superior Protection and Durability

Built to withstand challenging environments, our interlocked socket-outlets come with impressive protection ratings of IP44, IP54, and IP67. These ratings ensure resistance to dust, water, and other environmental factors, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, they boast an IK09 impact resistance rating, ensuring durability and resilience against mechanical impacts.

Key Features

  • Current Ratings: Available from 16A to 125A
  • Protection Ratings: IP44, IP54, IP67
  • Impact Resistance: IK09

Versatile and Safe Design

Our fitted interlocked socket-outlets are designed to prevent accidental disconnections and ensure safe operation. The interlock mechanism only allows the plug to be inserted or removed when the switch is in the off position, providing an extra layer of safety.

Ideal for Industrial Applications

These industrial plugs and sockets are perfect for a wide range of settings, including manufacturing plants, construction sites, and other demanding environments. Their robust construction and high protection ratings make them a reliable choice for ensuring secure and efficient power connections.

Choose our fitted interlocked socket-outlets for their exceptional safety, durability, and versatility in all your industrial electrical installations. Ensure your operations run smoothly and securely with our top-quality products.