Indubox Accessories

  • Material: thermoplastic
  • From 3 to 48 modules.
  • Surface.
  • IP65, IK08.

Indubox Accessories in Solera

Welcome to our Accessories collection, where functionality meets durability. Discover a diverse range of accessories meticulously crafted to elevate your spaces. Delve into the details of our offerings, featuring materials like thermoplastic and specifications ranging from 3 to 48 modules. Our surface-mounted accessories are designed with IP65 ingress protection and IK08 impact resistance, ensuring efficiency and durability in every application. Unveiling Material Excellence: Thermoplastic Reliability Thermoplastic Construction: Our accessories are constructed from high-quality thermoplastic material. This choice guarantees durability, resilience, and a secure housing for electrical components, ensuring long-lasting performance in various environments. Versatility in Module Configurations: From 3 to 48 Modules: Explore the versatility of our accessories with module configurations ranging from 3 to 48 modules. Whether you're outfitting a small residential space or a large industrial facility, our collection adapts to meet your unique requirements. Surface-Mounted Solutions: Efficient Surface Mounting: Our accessories are designed for seamless surface mounting, providing easy installation and integration into different settings. Experience the convenience of surface-mounted solutions that contribute to an organized and efficient environment.