Blue Series

Designed to make the installer’s experience easier.

Blue Series

The Blue series complements one of the most extensive catalogues for hollow partition walls on the market. It includes device boxes, junction boxes, and distribution and telecommunications boards.

  • New materials
  • New nylon tie fixing systems
  • Practical design

New materials

  • More flexible and durable.
  • Halogen-free
  • 850ºC GWT 
  • Distinctive blue colour

Practical design

  • System to prevent conduit movement.
  • Large number of entries for tube.
  • Marking the hole.
  • Squares that secure the box to the wall preventing it from turning.

Hole saw Ø2,7in with countersink

At Solera we have presented a new tool designed to facilitate the daily work of installers. A new hole saw with spindle, countersink and ejector spring, especially for plasterboard and gypsum fiber. includes great advantages:

  • Bimetallic hole saw.
  • Removable countersink plate.
  • Temperes teeth.
  • Steel high speed body (HSS).
  • Ejector spring.
  • Multiple openings to extract excess.

Device boxes

  • A wider thin flush edge is ribbed to prevent the box from rotating once installed.
  • Models with 1-4 units.
  • Easy-open windows with system for adjusting tubes to the box for easy assembly.
  • Made with flexible and strong materials.

New nylon tie fixing systems

  • 40% faster installation.
  • No loss of claws in the partition.
  • Larger contact area with the partition.
  • No damage to the wall.
  • Anti-rotation design.
  • Can be reused multiple times.

Junction boxes

  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Numerous tube inlets
  • Eyelets for fixing tubes to the box with nylon ties.

Junction boxes with claw fixings

Versatile models for installations requiring special sizes.


Distribution boards

Two complete series of distribution boards, ready for installation in hollow partition walls.

Serie Arelos

  • Made of thermoplastic material, including 2-56 units. 
  • Plastic claw fixing system.

Metalbox Series

  • Made of thermoplastic material with metal frame and door, including 14-56 units.
  • Metal claw fixing system.


Two network connection box models for hollow partition walls.

  • With metal claw fixing system.
  • Featuring multi-perforated plates for easy device installation.