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                                                                (Factory and Head Office Valencia-Spain)

Solera was founded in  1967 by Mr. Mariano Verdejo Solera. With 50 years’ experience Solera has become a benchmark for the Spanish electrical market, generating international interest but never forgetting its proud beginnings as a family business.

Our two factories in Cuenca and Valencia are equipped with innovative technology allowing for high quality standards, demanding production and outstanding customer service. Both factories can deal with the national demands as well as our international sales witch currently spread over 32 countries.


                                                                             (Factory Cañete-Spain)

Over 19.000 m² spread over 2 highly automatized factories allow our processes to be highly flexible and efficient, as a result we can offer the desired value for money.

Solera’s competent production capacity, traceability and specialized electrical work force make meeting the demands possible.

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