Stile, the new Metalbox distribution box range

May 10, 2022

Stile, the new Metalbox distribution box range

The Metalbox series flush-mounted distribution boxes come with a new line of finishes and shades. The first colour of the first Stile range is graphite. This edition with its special colours is designed for architectural environments where design, quality and safety coexist in perfect harmony.

With a system that is simple, easy, fast and safe to install, Metalbox is a practical and elegant solution.

Our range of flush-mounted distribution boxes is manufactured from thermoplastic material with a stainless steel frame and door, IP40 degree protection and IK07 impact protection.

With a modern, discreet and functional design, the Stile range offers a wide variety of technical features:

  • Handle locking system.
  • Optional lock.
  • Ultra-thin frame (7mm).
  • Reversible frame and with 120º door opening.
  • Removable plastic hinge.
  • Sealable.
  • Screwless removable cover, easy, fast and safe.
  • Removable pre-punched partitions.
  • Can be linked horizontally and vertically.
  • More space for wiring. (135mm between rows).
  • Removable frame.
  • Grooves to mark the position of the box on the wall, after levelling.
  • Two bubble levels.
  • RTR for ICT available.


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With a ¼ turn screw closure system, replacing the previous edition’s side tabs.

This new screw system means that all Metalbox boxes have two closing points, saving the installer time when opening the box. With Metalbox's new locking system, a more robust system that prevents breakage, the box closes perfectly.

In addition, Metalbox’s Stile range includes a wide variety of accessories:

  • Lock, no installation required.
  • Neutral and ground connection strips.
  • Pin-type connection combs.
  • Perforated plates for bottom mounting.

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These flush-mounted distribution boxes in graphite are a distinguishing element for unique and modern spaces. The Stile series adapts to functional environments without sacrificing the state-of-the-art design.

Discover the new Stile edition: new finish, new colour. The most modern and elegant edition of the Metalbox series.