Thermoplastic cabinets IP65, IK10

Oct 25, 2021

Thermoplastic cabinets IP65, IK10

One of Solera's latest additions to the market is the new Multibox series of IP65/IK10 enclosures, with a clean, robust and functional design.

These watertight enclosures are made of ABS, which allows them to withstand demanding external conditions such as chemical and atmospheric agents and incorporate UV protection.

ABS is a material characterised by high impact resistance, even at low temperatures, and good rigidity. In addition to being stiff and rigid, it has good chemical resistance, demonstrating low water absorption. This material is also called a highly engineered plastic because it is a plastic that is more complex to manufacture and process than common plastics such as polypropylene.

Thus, Multibox thermoplastic enclosures are ideal for industrial environments, capable of providing high safety in every electrical installation.

The Multibox series enclosures incorporate a metal plate and door, opaque or transparent, with a 180º opening for easy handling.

The watertight enclosures in the Multibox range have a metal plate and triangular lock, with a door opening of 180 degrees, a feature that facilitates handling and incorporates plastic support that allows easy wall mounting.

This series is available in various sizes and can incorporate chassis, from 16 to 60 modules, adapting to the needs of the installer.

You can find all the information about this series and access to technical data, regulations and documentation on our website.